[Xapian-discuss] another DatabaseModifiedError issue

Markus Wörle mrks at mrks.de
Tue Jul 22 12:04:48 BST 2008

Am 30.05.2008 um 13:35 schrieb Markus Wörle:

> Am 30.05.2008 um 01:42 schrieb Olly Betts:
>>> Which means that the exception got thrown in
>>> FlintTable::set_overwritten().
>> That's really the only place it could be - the other place it could
>> get
>> thrown is if we can't open the database at a consistent revision
>> because
>> it keeps changing too quickly.  But it's good to have confirmation.
>> It would be interesting to know which call to set_overwritten()
>> was responsible if you don't mind annotating the places which call
>> set_overwritten().
> (... cut out some verbose information ...)
> Feel free to ask me for more information if you need some additional
> values or something like that.
> Thanks in advance!

I just wanted to report that I still experience this problem with  
xapian 1.0.7. My current workaround - to let the indexing process  
sleep for at least 4 seconds after each explicit flush() before  
indexing next documents - is still working. So its no urgent problem  
for me. Just FYI


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