[Xapian-discuss] Xapian first try

Bobo Wieland bobo at kodlabbet.se
Fri Oct 17 09:27:12 BST 2008

I tried to run the simpleindex.php5 and simplesearch.php5 scripts
aplied to my data and there was no problem there. But when I tried to
search it didn't work as planned. Now, I guess that I was misstaken
but I thought that xapian would be fast even when making "bogus"
searches. When I search for "A" xapian takes seconds to retrieve a

What I want to create is a realtime webserach that retrives the
results as the user types. Maybe xapian isn't my best choice or the
simpleindex/simplesearch isn't the correct way to go?

Btw; can you set the docid manualy? Or how do I get it when i add a
posting to the db? It would be nice to use the primary key from my
mysql-db as the docid so I know which document to update, when a row
in mysql changes, in xapian without having to add extra data to my
mysql db.


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