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> On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 10:46:47AM +0800, ???×? wrote:
> >      i have read code of xapian more than one month,i leant a lot from your code
> > both form design of search engine and code details.
> >      however, something make me in a puzzle. 
> >      Take  RefCntBase as an example, it seems that it is a "kernel" of xapian, as
> > many classes inherit from it. But,what is it funtion? why is it so important?
> It's just an implementation detail - don't worry about it if you are
> only wanting to use the API.
> (If you're wanting to understand how Xapian works, it's a base class for
> objects which we want to reference count).
> >      Another confusion is about Valuerangeprocess. I really want to make clear 
> > differences between valuerange-search and common search in details. I added   
> >    Xapian::DateValueRangeProcessor date_proc(2, true, 1930); 
> >     qp.add_valuerangeprocessor(&date_proc);   
> > in my code and my code works well. then, I debug it using gdb.
> > however,i can not be inspired. Is there any important information i
> > did not catch?
> Did you read this:
> http://xapian.org/docs/valueranges.html
> Otherwise, please ask about the specifics of what you want to know.
> It's much harder to answer such general questions.
I have read this:
However, it seems that there are little words about Range-Search/ValueRangeProcessor.
What I am wonder is how valuerange-search works.
For example:
If I input 20090416..20090419, does Xapian rebuilt my query into 20090416,20090417,20090418
 20090419 and retrieval them separately ?
 Or,does Xapian find start '20090416' and end '20090219' in the database,then return all the 
docs between them?
Or, Xapian works it out in other way?

Would you please give me some advice or guide?
My work is in a mess now.
Thanks a lot!

> Cheers,
>     Olly

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