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Yoannia Castillo Duvergel yduvergel at estudiantes.uci.cu
Mon Apr 27 15:37:37 BST 2009

Hello everybody,

I need you to help me with this question:
How can convert a document to a query????. 

Thank you

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On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 01:13:20PM +0200, james cauwelier wrote:

> Thanks for the explanation.  However, this doesn 't explain why I don't find
> anything for '+category:boeken' which is indexed as 'XCATEGORYboeken'.  This
> should stem to 'boek' in dutch.

Yes it does, because it will be using XCATEGORYboek not
XCATEGORYboeken (by analogy with its using XCATEGORYengel for


  James Aylett

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