[Xapian-discuss] Bug in set_cutoff - xapian-core 1.0.10

Kevin Duraj kevin.softdev at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 20:18:33 GMT 2009

Bug in set_cutoff - xapian-core 1.0.10

We have a bug when calling set_cutoff and
set_sort_by_value_then_relevance functions. Some documents are
displaying at the beginning and at end of result sets but are not
displaying in middle of result set.

Example: Running query with approximate result set 500,000 with
set_cutoff(97) using set_sort_by_value_then_relevance will produce
result and make document data accessible for the first 29800
documents, when going beyond asking for documents data between
29,800-30,000 these documents are not accessible creating a blank gap.
When calling data for 31,000 document, data is again available.

I would assume that if my result set is 500,000 documents and will
set_cutoff(97) I would be able to get all the documents up to certain
point, then once reach first document with no data available, I would
not expect in getting more documents after 200 documents not

Thanks, Kevin Duraj

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