[Xapian-discuss] Multiple Databases on the same port

Tom tom at lemurconsulting.com
Fri Jul 31 09:12:46 BST 2009

2009/7/31 Olly Betts <olly at survex.com>:
> On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 03:13:15PM -0400, Eddie Drapkin wrote:
>> Specifically, we're using the PHP Bindings and I've managed to get
>> xapian to listen on a single port with all of the 200 odd databases
>> that we need to index.  I can't find documentation anywhere about how
>> to select a database to search from here:
>> $foo = Xapian::remote_connect($host, $port);
> I think you mean "remote_open" here.
> What you are trying to do isn't supported, I'm afraid - the search will
> be over all 200-odd databases combined, just as it would be if you
> opened the same database locally.
> If you want to be able to open them separately, you need to run a server
> for each, all on different ports.

Or, I guess you could add a database ID term to each document and use
a filter query. Though that may not be practical post hoc.


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