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Olly Betts olly at survex.com
Wed Sep 16 18:01:03 BST 2009

On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 05:32:20PM +0200, Daniel Ménard wrote:
> Olly Betts a écrit :
> > You should be able to attach files to wiki pages and reference them
> > inline.  If not, let me know and I'll check the trac permissions.
> >   
> I've just tested with the SandBox page. I'm able to upload and attach a 
> file, but I don't see an option to then delete the attachment...

It looks like that's probably controlled by the WIKI_DELETE permission
which is only available to admins currently.  I think we'd want to
check that deletion can be undone before allowing it to be done by
anyone who signs up for an account (so spam and vandalism can be

> BTW, if I save many times the wiki page, won't it generate too many 
> entries in the trac timeline, and perhaps send mails to admins or things 
> like that?
> (I ask because I see that my test now appear in the timeline and I don't 
> want to create "pollution"...)

It appears in the wiki edits timeline, and RSS feed for that.  I'd say
don't worry about it - the wiki is there for people to use, so use it.

> > Legally it may be fine to provide an SVG version, but it's unambiguously
> > safe to use a freely licensed font, and it's certainly philosophically
> > more consistent.  So I think that's probably my preference if we can
> > find one which looks good with the logo.
> >   
> I'm sorry, but I'm not sure to understand your answer... Do you mean I 
> should:
> (1) use the commercial font for the logo and provide SVG versions for 
> the texts (Drupal approach);
> (2) try to find a free alternative font which looks similar;
> (3) try (2) and then (1) if no free font can be used;
> (4) go back to school and take an English course !  ;-)

Or maybe I should...

I think it would be better to find a free (as in freedom not just as in
beer) font.  It doesn't necessarily have to look similar even, provided
it looks good with the logo.

> (1) is very easy to do. For (2), the font "American Typewriter Medium 
> BT" can be downloaded freely from many web sites [1] and looks very 
> similar, but how can I be sure that this font is really free/not 
> licensed/not copyrighted?

There was no URL for "[1]", but I found it and if I open it in the Gnome
font viewer I see:

	Copyright 1990-1998 Bitstream Inc.  All rights reserved.

Which doesn't sound promising.


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