[Xapian-discuss] excluding child folders in omindex search

Peter Karman peter at peknet.com
Fri Dec 17 03:36:04 GMT 2010

Jeff wrote on 12/15/10 11:36 AM:
> hi there,
> is there an option to exclude child folders when running omindex?
> For example:
> omindex -p --db /var/blah/default --url /something /var/www --exclude
> /var/www/ignore

Swish3 with the Xapian backend can do this, using the FileRules config
directive. The indexing layout in Swish3 for field prefixes is not exactly like
omindex's though, so I don't think they're 100% compatible. But as an example:

[karpet at pekmac:~/tmp/skip]$ cat conf
FileRules directory is skipme
FileRules directory is index.swish3
[karpet at pekmac:~/tmp/skip]$ tree
|-- conf
|-- incme
|   `-- seeme.xml
`-- skipme
    `-- donotindexme.xml

2 directories, 3 files
[karpet at pekmac:~/tmp/skip]$ swish3 -F xapian -c conf -i .
1 documents in 00:00:02
[karpet at pekmac:~/tmp/skip]$ swish3 -q see
# swish3 version 3.0.8
# Format: Xapian
# Query: see
# Hits: 1
# Search time: 0.0004
1000 incme/seeme.xml ""
[karpet at pekmac:~/tmp/skip]$ cat incme/seeme.xml
 see this

[karpet at pekmac:~/tmp/skip]$ cat skipme/donotindexme.xml
 do not see me

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