[Xapian-discuss] delve not found

Ashley Smith ashley at eclipso.ch
Mon Jan 26 12:34:50 GMT 2015

Hi all,

Today I just cloned Xapian and Xapian-Docsprint from your GitHub repos and was working through the practical example in Python in your Getting Started with Xapian 1.2 guide. However after the index was generated, I wasn't able to inspect it with delve because the command was not found. 

My system set-up is a fresh install of Debian 7.8.0 as a virtual machine under Virtual Box, and I followed your HACKING and INSTALL guides for the dependencies and to bootstrap the config script, run the script (but without any special options/flags enabled), and then make and make install. I read that Xapian is already available packaged on Debian, and delve is part of that package. But in my case, how do I get delve up and running? 

Thanks in advance for your time!
Kind regards,

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