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#506: replicate database failed
 Reporter:  backluck  |       Owner:  richard 
     Type:  defect    |      Status:  assigned
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Component:  Other     |     Version:  1.2.3   
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Changes (by richard):

  * owner:  olly => richard
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 Are you setting the XAPIAN_MAX_CHANGESETS environment variable on the
 indexer machine? (see http://trac.xapian.org/browser/trunk/xapian-
 core/docs/replication.rst for details)

 The log from the client looks to me like that's not set, so no changesets
 are being stored.  The only thing the server can do in that situation is
 try and do a full copy of the database.  The logs look like it's trying
 that, but the database on the server is being modified before the full
 copy finishes, so the client will have received a partially modified
 database, and isn't safely able to put it live.  If changesets were
 stored, the server would send some changesets to patch the database to a
 consistent state, but without changesets all that can happen is a retry.

 If you are setting XAPIAN_MAX_CHANGESETS, or you're not modifying the
 index on the server while replicating, then there's a bug here.  If you're
 not setting XAPIAN_MAX_CHANGESETS, that'll be the problem.  Please comment
 here either way, so I can close the ticket, or investigate the bug.

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