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Tue Nov 10 02:18:21 GMT 2015

#687: 64 bit docid follow-on
 Reporter:  olly         |             Owner:  olly
     Type:  defect       |            Status:  new
 Priority:  normal       |         Milestone:  1.3.5
Component:  Library API  |           Version:  SVN trunk
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Comment (by olly):

 I think we need some way to determine the largest possible docid.

 There's actually two such values, as there's what the type supports, and
 what the backend supports.  Currently these are the same by default, but
 if 64-bit docid is enabled, the current backends don't support that

 So I'm not sure if this should be a static value (perhaps for the bindings
 only, as in C++ it's just `numeric_limits<Xapian::docid>::max()`), or a
 method such as `Database::get_max_docid()` (which method which reports the
 largest docid which can be used for this object (and would take multi-dbs
 into account).  Or perhaps both.

 For the bindings, there's potentially a third limit, if the type
 `Xapian::docid` is mapped to is narrower than the C++ type (e.g. if the
 language has no 64 bit type).

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