[Xapian-devel] Build problems

James Aylett james-xapian at tartarus.org
Mon Feb 12 16:44:53 GMT 2007

On Mon, Feb 12, 2007 at 12:43:30PM +0000, Olly Betts wrote:

> I'm trying to split out the changes I made to snowball into
> a series of self-contained patches and offer them upstream so it
> may be a few days before HEAD is working properly I'm afraid.
> The last snapshot to bootstrap successfully was rev 7624, so you
> should just be able to do:
> svn up -r7624

Okay, that puts me back in the old place. Aha! The test suite doesn't
clean up after itself properly - there was an older-format .flint
directory in place, so we got:

  DatabaseOpeningError exception: REMOTE:Flint version file
  .flint/db=apitest_simpledata/iamflint is version 200506110 but I
  only understand 200611200u

deleting the .flint directory and contents seems to have fixed that.

> It would definitely be good to keep 2.95 available as that's the oldest
> GCC which we can sensibly support, so it's good to have it in the
> tinderbox.  It's not arduous to support either, and has lasting
> popularity because it was better in some ways that the earlier 3.X
> versions.

Pity it's so annoyingly inept at various C++-isms. Ho hum.

> Losing the arm crossbuild wouldn't be a big deal though - it's really
> only there because the tinderbox script automatically searches for
> compilers by default.

I've put g++-2.95 back, so arm should work again...


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