[Xapian-devel] Sample quickstartindex unable to create database on Windows 2008

Olly Betts olly at survex.com
Thu Jul 2 03:48:40 BST 2009

On Wed, Jul 01, 2009 at 11:11:45AM -0700, Martin Margo wrote:
> I debugged the program and in database.cc in Xapian code line 205 function 
> WritableDatabase::WritableDatabase(const std::string &path, int action) : Database ()
> 'path' variable is preceeded with weird characters, such as so:
> "ÌÌÌÌC:\tmp\junk14"
> const std::basic_string<char,std::char_traits<char>,std::allocator<char> > &
> While it should have read 'C:\tmp\junk14'. 

But that is just passed straight in from argv[1] by

What is argv[1] as passed to quickstartindex?

And what are these 4 bytes exactly?  They're showing up as 0xcc here,
but it's not clear if they've been mangled from their original values.

Or are you looking at the raw data inside the string class?  That would
probably have the length followed by the string data.


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